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——— Why choose Plusync ———

P2P synchronization

No accounts, no cloud, direct connection between two devices (in LAN)

Fast and convenient

Real time file sync, better performance in transferring big files, up to 65Mbps speed in Gigabit Ethernet

Collaborative sharing

Synchronizing and sharing team files with access control, completely replacing FTP and Windows Native Share

Safety storage

No cloud server, file only stored on your local devices

——— What users say ——— By using a P2P direct connection, #plusync# can securely, quickly, and conveniently sync data between devices. It’s great if you don’t want to use the cloud to sync, back up, and share data.
The most powerful feature of #plusync# is that it can synchronize any two folders between any two devices, no matter PC or mobile phones. It's really convenient for users who have lots of devices today.
If you want to exchange lots of files between two devices, especially big files, the best way is to create a pair of sync folders between the two devices by #plusync#
I’m a Operation Manager in Thunder Share technology company, and i have deployed the #plusync# in our design teams of marketing department. Now we use plusync replacing FTP. It's so useful that we are looking forward to more cool functions!
Our department has 3.6 million files, mostly .dwg and .doc type, 2TB storage in all. The files auto transfer has always been our problem. Thanks to #plusync#, now we create almost 20 synchronized folders to sync and share files.

Findmysoft News Editor

Terry Lee

Co-founder of Worktile


Thunder-Share CEO

J. Derek

Operation Manager

Dick Curtis

Product Designer